American Made - Advanced Design - Absolute Service

American Made - Advanced Design - Absolute Service

AMADAS Industries is a company based out of Virginia, specializing in harvest system for peanuts. We serve all around the world. We are a family business and take pride in treating each staff like our family.

The History behind AMADAS Industries

In early 1963, a successful partnership was formed between Oliver K. Hobbs and J. Carlie Adams. The partnership combined engineering, manufacturing, and marketing expertise to produce a new generation of peanut harvesting and processing machinery.

During the decades that followed, new products were added to meet the needs of the marketplace.

Now, AMADAS Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of advanced harvest system for peanuts. We produce our equipment in multiple cities.

  • Suffolk, Virginia
  • Albany, Georgia
  • Cordoba, Argentina

In a joint venture with John Deere, AMADAS developed the world’s largest and highest capacity self-propelled peanut combine.

Our Product Lines

At AMADAS Industries, we offer a wide range of quality products. We provide a line of industrial equipment for the horticultural and recycling industries.

  • Peanut diggers
  • Reel Rain® irrigators
  • Cotton stalk puller/choppers
  • Round cotton module handlers
  • Long reach mowers
  • Pull-type and self-propelled peanut combine