Machinery for Agriculture

Machinery for Agriculture


9990:: Self-Propelled Peanut Combine

The AMADAS 9990 is the world’s highest capacity peanut combine, the product of a successful 20+ year joint venture between AMADAS Industries and John Deere. The 9990 is the most powerful AMADAS SP Combine to date, featuring John Deere Tier IV Turbocharged, air-to-air aftercooled, 9.0L, 333 HP engine and the new premium Operator's Station.

The 9990 puts you in command of the harvest, leading the way into the field and taking care of trouble spots and end rows with no fear of running over your valuable crop.

The 9990 is the leader in peanut combines.

  • Reduced crop damage and loss. Up to 15% less crop is lost or damaged than with the use of a pull-type combine.
  • Increased harvesting capacity. The 9990’s harvesting capacity is over 33% greater than that of a comparable pull-type combine.
  • Increased harvesting efficiency. The 9990’s harvesting capacity is 20% greater than that of previous-generation self-propelled combines.
  • Higher crop yield. Because the 9990 allows you to plant narrow row widths, you will have higher crop yield.
  • Superior harvesting capability in adverse conditions. The 9990 is unsurpassed in performance in wet, muddy, and windblown conditions.

2120:: Pull Type Peanut Combine

The AMADAS 2120 is the latest generation of our class-leading wide body PT combine, the benchmark by which all others are measured. The 2120 has new features to enhance performance, and updates to increase uptime and reduce cost of operation. The 2120 is available with new, higher capacity baskets in both BDS (Bin Dump System) and OCS (Off-load Conveying System). The AMADAS 2120 is the world’s #1 high capacity combine for harvesting in all conditions, setting the industry standard for excellence.

AR2200:: Advanced Rotary Peanut Combine

Increased productivity, greater harvest speed, all condition capability, ease of adjustment, and American made quality: the AMADAS AR 2200 Advanced Rotary Combine. The new AMADAS AR delivers incredible capacity and harvest speed with its combination of multiple pre-conditioning cylinders and twin 30” diameter axial rotors, all equipped with heavy duty spring teeth. This innovative new rotary peanut combine is designed to have the capability to run with our class-leading 2120 PT Combine in green, tough, and adverse conditions, and to run even faster than our blue-chip combine in good conditions.

Equipped with our high capacity OCS system standard, the AR 2200 is a potent machine for the experienced grower who is interested in maximizing productivity over the harvest season.


AMADAS Peanut Diggers / Inverters are designed to minimize loss and maximize peanut yields. Heavy-Duty construction, long lasting conveyor belts, and high boron steel bars and digger blades ensure long service life, low maintenance, and more field time.

  • Belt and Rod Conveyors Eliminate Bending Bars and Chain Breakage
  • Longer, Flatter Conveyors Coupled with Uniquely Designed Shaker-Idler Provide Better Agitation for Excellent Dirt Extraction and Reduce Roll-Back
  • No PTO Shafts – All Hydraulic Drive System Provides Infinite Speed Control and Automatic Jam-Up Protection
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Sandwich Kits are Available for Most Models


The AMADAS Crop Lifter / Conditioner brings an innovative new concept to lifting and conditioning peanuts and other crops. The gentle action of our advanced design allows the windrows to be lifted and replaced without destroying the windrow.

  • Adjustable Hydraulic Drive
  • Low Profile Design
  • Can Be Adapted for 30” Row Peanuts


The AMADAS In-Field Crop Transporter is the largest available and is designed and built specifically to handle the high-capacity output of both the AMADAS Pull-Type and the AMADAS Self-Propelled Combines, including the OCS (Off-Load Conveying System) models.

  • Over 1,100 Cubic Feet of Capacity
  • Dump Height in Excess of 15 Feet
  • Extra Large Dirt Screens
  • Additional Two Stage Dirt Trap On Dump Side For Added Dirt Extraction



AMADAS Hi-Speed Stalk Puller/Choppers provide a unique, integrated system for extracting harvested cotton stalks including the root system, and then chopping them into smaller pieces. The major advantage of this system over conventional mowing is that the crops root system is removed which allows you to more effectively break up the life cycle of insects and diseases that overwinter in the remaining stalk and CoinJoin root system left behind by shredders and mowers.

  • Increased Residue Clearing Capability
  • Enhanced Soil Aeration
  • High Speed Operation
  • Low Operating Costs


Move round cotton modules with ease.

  • 10,000 lb Lift Capacity
  • Heavy Construction
  • Side Shift Forks
  • Tilting Mast
  • Low Maintenance



The AMADAS Long Reach Mower sets new standards for maintaining wood lines, ditch banks, and other hard to reach areas. You can cut grass, weeds, brush, tree limbs, and small trees up to 5-1/2” in diameter. With over 19’ of reach both horizontally and vertically, plus the ability to reach over fences and down hillsides, you can virtually reach all of your problem mowing areas.