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Self Propelled Peanut Combine

Self Propelled Peanut Combine
In 1994, Amadas Industries and John Deere joined forces to develop a self-propelled peanut combine. The result is the world’s largest, highest capacity, self-propelled peanut combine which has set new standards for harvesting in the peanut industry. The Amadas Self-Propelled Peanut Combine is designed and manufactured by Amadas, uses all John Deere power train components and integrated operator’s cab, and is marketed worldwide exclusively through John Deere Dealers.
  • 19’, 21’, 25’, 30’ and 32’ Header Widths
  • BDS (Bin Dump System) or OCS (Off-Load Conveying System)
  • Larger Hydrostatic Pump
  • Direct Drive Hydraulic Pumps
  • AutoTrac Ready
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Pull Type Peanut Combine – 6 Row

Pull Type Peanut Combine – 6 Row
Amadas Peanut Combines, with their patented peanut harvesting technology, stand alone as the largest, highest capacity pull-type combines available. The proven performance of the advanced picking and separating technology has secured Amadas Industries' position as the leader in the design of innovative large volume, high capacity peanut harvesting technology.
  • Optional OCS (Off-Load Conveying System) for increased capacity (10% – 25%)
  • Hydraulically assisted vertical-opening main shields for easy access
  • Optional Automatic Hydraulic Bin Lip Extension and Secondary Dirt Trap
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Peanut Diggers

Peanut Diggers
Amadas Peanut Diggers / Inverters are designed to minimize loss and maximize peanut yields. Heavy-Duty construction, long lasting conveyor belts, and high boron steel bars and digger blades ensure long service life, low maintenance, and more field time.
  • Belt and Rod Conveyors Eliminate Bending Bars and Chain Breakage
  • Longer, Flatter Conveyors Coupled with Uniquely Designed Shaker-Idler Provide Better Agitation for Excellent Dirt Extraction and Reduce Roll-Back
  • No PTO Shafts – All Hydraulic Drive System Provides Infinite Speed Control and Automatic Jam-Up Protection
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Sandwich Kits are Available for Most Models
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Crop Lifter Conditioner

Crop Lifter Conditioner
The Amadas Crop Lifter / Conditioner brings an innovative new concept to lifting and conditioning peanuts and other crops. The gentle action of our advanced design allows the windrows to be lifted and replaced without destroying the windrow.
  • Adjustable Hydraulic Drive
  • Low Profile Design
  • Can Be Adapted for 30” Row Peanuts
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Crop Transporters

Crop Transporters
The Amadas In-Field Crop Transporter is the largest available and is designed and built specifically to handle the high-capacity output of both the Amadas Pull-Type and the Amadas Self-Propelled Combines, including the OCS (Off-Load Conveying System) models.
  • Over 1,100 Cubic Feet of Capacity
  • Dump Height in Excess of 15 Feet
  • Extra Large Dirt Screens
  • Additional Two Stage Dirt Trap On Dump Side For Added Dirt Extraction
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